Fair trade* Peru ornament

  • These were made by the Peruvian hill tribes. Gourd work is one of the jobs that
    women can play an active role in. Your order will help them get a fair wage. 🙂
  • This cooperation came about when I met and join forces with the woman.
    These works were obtained through a reliable Japanese woman activist.
    She has been supporting a small community of Peruvian hill tribes for 15 years.
    She patiently supported the succession of high skilled.
  • The way to make the nature craft is to hand-carve and color the sun-dried gourd with almost no sketches. The work is done outdoors.


Since each item is handmade, the pattern and shape are not the same, but they have individuality.

The prices indicated are unit prices.


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About 7-9cm
The size of gourd is the individual difference.